Transforming Food Systems:
Sponsorship Opportunity

How shall we provide safe and nutritious food for all, faced with the challenges of covid-19, net zero carbon, social inequities and degraded environments, and to meet the ethical expectations of our societies?

Transforming food systems’ is the theme of a conference of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (EURSAFE) which will take place from 7-10 Sept. 2022 in Edinburgh. It is being organised jointly by the School of Social and Political Science and the Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security of the University of Edinburgh, and the independent ethical consultancy Edinethics Ltd.

Since 1999, EURSAFE conferences have brought together inter-disciplinary expertise from across Europe to share the latest thinking on the ethical, societal and policy issues around agriculture, agricultural biotechnologies, aquaculture, animal use, food and the food chain. Over the years these conferences have highlighted many important emerging issues. In Edinburgh 2022 we expect leading international speakers and around 150 delegates on the theme of transforming our food systems to become more resilient.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To share cutting edge findings and insights among leading European research teams to improve our understanding of the key factors in transforming our food systems for a more resilient future, which can be fed into policy makers and advisory bodies
  • To highlight vulnerabilities arising from the covid-19 pandemic and climate change, together with the impacts of moving towards a zero carbon economy, and challenges of new technologies
  • To hear international speakers on big issues in transforming food systems, and to engage industrial players in the wider ethical dimensions of these transformations

An important part of the conference is also to harness the enthusiasm and perspectives of younger generations of researchers to challenge the existing state of knowledge, and to mature their thinking with the insights of experienced practitioners.

Not least, subject to any ongoing COVID 19 restrictions, we wish to take the opportunity to re-establish human connections within the research community and with all levels of the food production systems, following over 2 years of isolation.

Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash