Conference sponsors

RSPCA Assured

RSPCA Assured has been helping improve the lives of farm animals for more than a quarter of a century. In that time, they’ve worked with 1000s of UK farmers and many of the UK’s biggest food retailers.

The RSPCA standards have been developed to ensure that all animals are reared, transported and slaughtered according to our higher welfare ideals and have everything required for a better quality of life. Whether they are kept on large or small farms, indoors or free-range, the standards ensure that every aspect of the life of the animal is covered from birth right through to slaughter, including their feed and water requirements, the environment in which they live, how they are handled, their healthcare and how they are transported and slaughtered.

Aviagen Group

As the worldwide market leader in poultry breeding, Aviagen® uses advanced genetic selection techniques as part of its global pedigree breeding operations to consistently deliver genetic improvement to the broiler industry. 

A main focus is to anticipate market needs and to integrate these new trends into the sustainable breeding and new product development program. Thanks to this approach, Aviagen has built a multi-product portfolio, ensuring that a broad spectrum of customers have a clear advantage in the marketplace.