Transforming Food Systems:
Conference Topics and Call for Abstracts

We invite you to Eursafe 2022 Edinburgh to engage with the topic of transforming our food systems effectively, ethically and sustainably to meet the multiple challenges of feeding a growing population without ruining our environment and exacerbating human suffering, especially in the context of the climate emergency.

A central feature of Eursafe conferences is their inter-disciplinarity. We welcome submissions from a broad range of disciplines, including ethics; science technology and innovation studies; agriculture and food systems; animal studies; biotechnology innovations; law; economics; social and political sciences.

We invite papers for oral or poster presentation in any of the following topics:

  1. Ethics and justice in food system transformation: land use, communities, environmental and climate justice, roles and inequalities of players in the food chain, ethical investment, ethics and trade agreements.
  2. Vulnerability of food systems: how can we make food systems more resilient to external shocks (e.g. COVID-19 and climate impacts) and internal system failure; dependencies and vulnerable communities.
  3. Ethics and data-driven innovation in agri-food systems: scope and limits of ‘precision’, data ownership, implications for smallholder farmers and farm labour.
  4. Food for the future: biotechnology and agroecology, genome editing, ‘novel’ foodstuffs and species (e.g. insects, technofoods, cultured meat, vegan foods, vertical and urban agriculture).
  5. What role for livestock in transformed food systems: are ruminants compatible with a net zero carbon future; grass-fed or intensive production; should all dairy cows get outside to grass; synergies of livestock, ecology and rural communities.
  6. Current issues in Animal and Veterinary ethics: ethical priorities in breeding; sex selection; mutilation – where are we going?; euthanasia; role of vets in intensive systems and in animal transport; welfare assessment in farm animals including extreme weather.
  7. Planetary health ethics: interactions between human, livestock and environmental health, e.g. COVID-19, zoonotic diseases, anti-microbial resistance.
  8. Transforming food waste: where and why food waste occurs; values embedded in advertising, unit sizes, packaging and consumption; value conflicts in re-establishing circular economies in food systems.
  9. Ethical issues in marine and aquaculture: ecological and human impacts of farmed systems; new species in aquaculture; sentience in aquatic species; potential of seaweed (e.g. as food, fertiliser, ecosystem recovery, carbon capture).
  10. Food from the wild: ethics and hunting, sustainability of foraging, ‘rewilding’, livestock-wildlife interactions, conservations vs. predation).
  11. Any other issues within Eursafe’s scope of interest.


We invite you to submit abstracts with a deadline of 15 December 2021, using the OASES online submission pages of Wageningen Academic Publishers. Submissions can be for either oral or poster presentations. Abstracts will be assessed by the Eursafe 2022 Scientific Committee. Successful authors will be notified in mid-January 2022 and invited to submit a  6 page extended abstract for publication as a peer-reviewed article in a book by Wageningen Academic Publishers which will also be available open access. 

Abstracts must be written and presented in English. Linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the authors. Abstracts should be a maximum of 2,500 keystrokes including the title, names and addresses of authors, and also including spaces and punctuation. The title of the abstract should not be longer than 100 key strokes, including spaces. Please make sure to indicate clearly who is to be the presenting author. Please also note that the presenting author will need to register for the conference in time, for the contribution to appear in the programme. 

Early Career Researchers and Postgraduate students are particularly welcome. The Vonne Lund Prize is awarded at each EurSafe Congress for the best student oral paper and poster presentation. EurSafe initiated the Vonne Lund Prize in memory of Dr Vonne Lund (1955-2009). She was a long-standing member of EurSafe. She engaged in and was committed to interdisciplinary research and she had a strong research interest in human-animal interactions.

At each Congress an evaluation panel appointed by the EurSafe Board awards a prize of €200, a diploma and one year membership to the Society for the best student (master or doctoral) poster and oral paper. All presenters who register as students are eligible for this Prize.

Pre-conference Workshops

The main conference begins on Wednesday evening, 7 September, but for many years Eursafe has hosted short workshop sessions of 1-2 hours on the Wednesday afternoon. We invite proposals to hold workshops on any subject relevant to the conference theme. The format is very open. We simply provide a room and AV facilities; the rest is up to you!

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Deadline for Abstracts - 15 December 2021

Submissions can be for either oral or poster presentations.

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